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Applique vintage da parete

Vintage wall sconce

There are many possibilities to illuminate the rooms of the house, in particular not only in a "central" way with a chandelier. Especially for the bathroom, where light can be decisive in different walls, the decision to insert bathroom appliques can be successful when you think of the mirror and the sink.

For this reason, however, the so-called vintage or period-style wall lights can make the difference if the bathroom has an elegant style, with references to the past in terms of design.

It is important to think about aesthetics, as well as the fact that in the bathroom the lights must have an additional layer of protection against the possibility of water and moisture penetration (hence the sconces that protect the bulb).

In fact, wall lights for the bathroom are all thought of as splash-proof lighting systems, designed specifically for safety.

How to illuminate the walls of the bathroom

It is important to light the room well, paying particular attention to the mirror area, which is used for shaving or applying makeup. Normally a good brightness of the light is preferred, regardless of where the lights are placed.

Generally if the light is bright enough it doesn't matter where exactly the lights are located, although usually many people prefer both sides of the mirror with sconces.

One must certainly first consider that all bathrooms are different, and choose the right lights for use in family bathrooms, shower rooms, private bathrooms or particularly wet rooms.

In most cases, there is both a central chandelier light and a position with wall lights or spotlights, for the mirror or tub / shower area, for those with large volumes in the bathroom.

Wall sconces for bathrooms allow you to have elegant and practical lights in these corners, and often combine the faucets with a chrome finish.

However, vintage bathrooms that have brass taps and ceramic bathtubs can be fitted with appliques with similar colors, especially in the crystals.

If you need some bathroom lighting inspiration, here are some of Olux's best wall lighting solutions.

Vintage applique... yes, but when?

Thinking about vintage, one must ask oneself which are the periods of the past that one wants to inspire. The wall sconces can be chosen from the vintage ones that re-propose Art Deco style furnishings, or that recall the seventies, if not the forties with lots of crystals.

Among our lighting systems, certainly those closest to an aesthetic from the 1920s to the 1940s, are the vintage crystal wall lights like the Diamante model , with a diffuser in Asfour crystals both transparent and with red, amber, black or wisteria. The cross between the two diffusers creates soft and intimate light effects, suitable for an environment such as the bathroom but also for a living room or bedroom.

Other models seem close to this vintage, such as the Lucciola crystal applique , rectangular and linear, while other models are closer to the classic period, which from the Liberty years onwards had great success, especially in the Sixties.

Among these classic vintage appliques , there is the Agata model with decorations of leaves and a rust-colored flower (calla). The diffuser with pink shades makes this bathroom wall lamp ideal for an environment with pastel shades.

A more contemporary version but inspired by the spirals of plants is that of the Ricciolo model , designed as a wall light for environments to be enhanced with chrome finishes, multicolor transparent crystals, or bronze with amber-colored crystals. A lighting system that makes any space elegant, diffusing a discreet and colored light.

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