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Bianco Mon Amour: le più belle applique moderne

Bianco Mon Amour: the most beautiful modern appliques

Perhaps not everyone knows that modern wall lights are the most important lighting accessory capable of perfectly blending aesthetics and functionality. Discreet, elegant and modern , the appliques represent a valid alternative to the more common suspensions, but also a piece of furniture capable of coexisting with other lighting elements. The modern appliques for sale on Olux Illuminazione will be able to transform any environment in an elegant and original way. In view of the ever closer summer, what could be more suitable than the choice of total white furnishing accessories to illuminate the house as much as possible? Among these, our modern appliques could not be missing. Raise your hand if you love white! The modern wall lights in white represent lighting accessories with great discreet charm that furnish the rooms of your home with warm and restful light, recreating fascinating and suggestive atmospheres. White then enhances the shapes by recreating a graceful and almost ethereal setting, ideal for hot summer days. Even better if you opt for modern LED wall lights, a cold light capable of giving a new face to any environment. But let's find out the selection of modern wall lamps in white designed for you and for your home. Do you remember Ulaop ? You will probably remember the version intended for the table from this collection of modern lamps, perhaps you don't know that Ulaop is also available in the applique version. Linear, lively and playful contours just like the name itself suggests, a collection of modern wall lamps in white, ideal for all environments. olux_lighting_lamp_modern_sphere_glass_white6 How not to tell you about England ? A line of lamps with a classic, vintage and romantic flavour, impossible not to fall in love with. These appliques are characterized by a diffuser made of pongè silk, a very high quality material which gives value to the product but also to the environment where it is placed. A choice of style that does not leave you indifferent. wall_lamp_modern_applique_lampshade_fabric_olux_england_white_3 Roary, on the other hand, is rational, linear and extremely contemporary, a modern wall light in its white version, characterized by a fascinating and unparalleled minimalism. Ideal for those looking for lighting accessories characterized by a rigid elegance. olux_illumination_lamp_wall_applique_lampshade_modern_fabric_roary_white_arm_2_1 These are just some of our modern white appliques that you can find for sale in our shop. You just have to take a tour, take advantage of incredible offers and furnish your home with style with Olux Lighting!

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