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Come scegliere la lampada perfetta per la casa

How to choose the perfect lamp for the home

Choosing the lighting accessories that will furnish all the spaces of our home with functionality is never a simple matter. Many models, colors, styles and personalities, the modern lamps for sale on Olux Illuminazione are all of this, choosing is never easy. Here is a guide that teaches you how to choose the perfect lamp for every room in your home. Enjoy the reading.

Modern lamps - the right choice

Our company was born from the desire to give warmth and harmony to interiors thanks to the sale and production of modern lamps and lighting accessories. Being a leader in the sector for many years, we confess that choosing the right lamp is not an easy task, but don't be in a hurry. With our advice you will be able to find the lighting accessory that will light up your days in the shortest possible time. But let's begin to understand how to correctly choose the lamps that will illuminate indoor environments. The first question you have to ask yourself is related to the location, in which room do you want to put that lamp ? And what are the functions you would like for your lighting accessory? Another aspect that should not be underestimated is the space you have in that particular room. Once these questions have been answered, it's time for details and a choice of flavours.


Lighting: which lamp to choose for your home

What are your tastes in terms of style ? And what are the functional requirements instead? A combination of different lamps can be the best solution to make the house more welcoming and make you feel at ease. A very convenient choice is to combine that of a floor lamp with a suspension lamp, which provides a homogeneous light. This is an example that gives an idea of ​​the advantage of a combination of several lighting accessories. In this regard, here are all the models of lamps that you can choose for your home. Table lamps. Lighting accessories that perform the function of illuminating details, almost as if they were points of light. The style and the scenographic impact on the environment is undoubted. They are perfect for illuminating work, study and/or reading surfaces. Floor lamps. A real piece of furniture that has the important function of illuminating a part of the room in a soft or decisive way. Also in this case, a floor lamp can be the ideal solution for a reading corner but not only, its light is able to discreetly illuminate the room for moments of relaxation. Ceiling and/or wall light fixtures . These are discreet and functional lighting accessories capable of illuminating the area of ​​interest clearly and precisely. Wall ceiling lights are ideal for corridors and empty walls, in this way you will be able to take advantage of the double function: light and furniture. Hanging chandeliers. It is the lighting accessory par excellence. The pendant chandelier is a decorative element in all respects that uses the light source to illuminate a room. Ideal for low placement in island kitchens or on a table, as required by modern style. But the wide choice of suspension chandeliers on olux Illuminazione means that this is the most loved and chosen lighting accessory by design lovers.

How to perfectly illuminate your home

As anticipated, the secret of perfect lighting exists , it is the right combination of different lights. The decision to place different lamps within a room in fact adds liveliness and dynamism to it. In addition to the evident aesthetic impact, one of the advantages is that of being able to choose at any time which light source to use based on the desired atmosphere. However, remember the space issue. A large room will probably need more than three different light sources. In moderate spaces, on the other hand, the advice is to be extremely careful and not to overdo it to create disorder. You just have to make your home shine with its own light! Happy Shopping!

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