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Consigli per arredare con Plafoniere da soffitto

Tips for decorating with ceiling lights

Have you chosen a ceiling lamp for your living room? For the room? For the bathroom? Of course, the passion for ceiling lights can be understood very well, given that the modern versions present an impressive series of customizations for internal and external spaces of all kinds.
However, it is not always easy to furnish with a ceiling lamp and avoid the anonymous effect. Here are some helpful tips...

Where ceiling lights work best

They represent one of the most versatile lamps, because they are adaptable to a variety of spaces. Typically, ceiling lights are ideal for rooms that need bright, even lighting such as kitchens , dining rooms, and conference rooms.
Additionally, bathrooms are a great place to install a ceiling light for concentrated lighting.
If you want to place a ceiling light in a shop , you can think of the one with a style industrial and minimalist, which also works well in craft workshops. The right ceiling fixture can be the finishing touch to make a room look stunning, without loading the eye like a chandelier would.

Choose the template that fits your design

We have seen that the days of boring ceiling lights are over, so you can look for more particular, elegant or lively ones. No longer limited to minimalist frames, modern ceiling lights range from elegant single-light pendants to bold crystal or boldly colored frames.

You'll find a range of choices with hundreds of sizes, lighting levels, finishes and installation options. Also in terms of materials you will have the choice between different metals, brass, iron...

Furthermore, several formal and informal chandeliers, linear suspensions and pendants are now part of the category of ceiling lights.
For this, you can choose a model that adapts in color and design to the room in which you want to place them. Don't look too much for contrast, as they might seem out of context up there...

How to choose the best ceiling lights: light

Once you've settled on the aesthetics of the finishes, evaluate dimensions and installation options.

When you start your search for a ceiling light, the offers can be confusing.

Remember that a ceiling light is a lighting fixture applied directly to the ceiling, so it will come to diffuse the light from above, in a uniform way – unless you decide to vary the lighting plans, as in ceiling lights with several glasses, with 2 or lights at different heights.

Calculate that as regards the light point, the shades and effects of the glass of the ceiling lights are treated to influence the way in which the light will be projected. For example, ceiling lights with frosted glass shades provide brilliant LED lighting, and cast mesmerizing shades on surrounding surfaces.
Begin the selection process by evaluating the type of ceiling lighting you need.

The dimensions of the ceiling light: attention

Volumes are among the most important elements when choosing a ceiling light. Depending on where you plan to place it, you'll have various options.
Start by measuring the area where you are installing or replacing a ceiling light. Keep in mind that the diameter and height of the light are the two most important dimensions.
The suspension of the luminaire also depends on the location: in living rooms and bedrooms, a large ceiling light must have at least 2 meters of space from the bottom to the floor, so as not to overwhelm the space.
In the kitchen, there can obviously be a smaller ratio, and the fixture can be suspended, having to concentrate the lights on the table or worktop.

Electrical consultancy, for outdoor or complex installation environments

We know that you can choose between classic ceiling style lights, or ones that suspend from the ceiling. The former are installed perfectly flush with the base of the ceiling , while for the latter wires and branches must be evaluated.
When choosing new ceiling lights for your home, therefore, you will need to pay attention to the installation options, parts and accessories of the ceiling light, as well as the existing electrical wiring. If in doubt, we advise you to consult an electrician to understand if you may have any limitations, before installing a new ceiling light.

Furthermore, you may want to install your ceiling light in an outdoor space such as a veranda, and it is good to make sure that the device you choose is suitable for the "outdoor" environment.

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