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faretti per interni ad incasso

Discreet but suggestive, the spotlights for the interiors

They are the symbol of "modern" lighting, which has for some time now made it possible to install spotlights on the ceiling or on the wall , creating a decidedly attractive and transformable environment.

Spotlights, in fact, represent an intelligent and flexible way to address lighting needs. The light beam of a spotlight, in fact, can be easily directed towards a space or a piece of furniture, which you want to highlight.

Not only that: when multiple spotlights emerge from the ceiling, they create a diffused glow throughout the room. Especially if they can tilt, rotate, with glass effects... in short, more than customizable lighting!

Position the lighting with recessed or surface spotlights

To create the desired effects, you can choose LED spotlights from different categories: recessed and surface spotlights.

Recessed spotlights are usually installed on the ceiling in an elegant and discreet way, creating modular ambient lighting. They are practically invisible, since they are recessed into the wall.

Usually, recessed spotlights are positioned in environments that need a lot of light such as the kitchen, bathroom and living area. It is important to evaluate models that are suitable, protected from the dust and humidity of service rooms.
As a rule they are easy to install for lighting experts, with not excessive depth and high efficiency in the case of high ceilings.

The most sophisticated of the recessed spotlights offer the possibility of adjusting the temperature of the light and the luminous flux, as well as aesthetic options.

Among the recessed spotlights there are also plaster spotlights with flush recessed fittings, which allow for total disappearance assembly.

Within the recessed category, slim LED spotlights are highly coveted, with thin profiles (even ultra slim), and springs for fixing without screws.

They are perfect for halls, entrances, public places, shops, with a minimalist design and the possibility to choose between square and round ceiling spotlights.

Surface mounted spotlights are a versatile lighting solution for use on beams or walls.
The spotlights are fixed to the wall, and are distinguished by the targeted light beams they manage to emanate. In this case the flow of light can be directed in a precise way , but even more clearly if it is a question of walls for the bedroom, for the bookcase, for the kitchen.

You can direct the light on a work table, on the table where you eat, on any object or space to highlight.

Olux collection of spotlights to illuminate interiors

Whether they are on the surface or recessed, the spotlights allow you to irradiate all the spaces of the house or work environment, directly and correctly.

Good lighting is really essential, and is created by positioning each spotlight in the right way, in order to personalize your home or business.

The result will be a unique lighting design , to make a space more welcoming or impressive.

Spotlights are indispensable lighting elements for interior spaces, as they manage to illuminate the environment in a refined but decisive way.
If the roofs of the house are not very high, or you don't like too flashy lamps, the spotlights for sale on Olux Illuminazione represent the best solution.

Our collections can satisfy all style and radiation needs.

These complements have the characteristic of illuminating a room evenly or partially , based on the quantity of spotlights and their position, which you will choose according to the furniture.

The spotlights on sale are divided into three main models: recessed spotlights, wall spotlights, and binary spotlights.

The latter are precisely positioned on a track and, consequently, can be directed to different points of the room.

Led spotlights deserve particular attention, thanks to the properties that guarantee perfect and homogeneous lighting within any environment.

Whatever the style of home furnishings, the versatility of these lighting elements will allow them to adapt without problems to any living room.
Classic or contemporary? Take your pick.
Our very wide selection of spotlights will allow you to find the models that best meet your tastes and functional needs.

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