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Faretti. Arredare con stile i propri ambienti.

Spotlights. Furnish your rooms with style.

Having good lighting inside your home is essential to fully enjoy the rooms of the house and to make it more welcoming towards guests. In this case, lighting plays an essential role and spotlights even more so.

Spotlights are the optimal solution for illuminating certain spaces in your home, for example a corner or just a part to be highlighted to recreate certain settings or simply give it a different lighting. These lighting accessories are truly indispensable in a home because they are able to cover both aesthetic and functional needs. And if you are a lover of essential furnishings without excessive decorations , the use of spotlights becomes a must, in fact with their discretion they immediately transform your home into a minimal but classy space.

Unlike floor lamps , read our user guide here , spotlights can be positioned in several parts of the house, thus guaranteeing homogeneous or partial lighting in the case of wanting to define only one area of ​​the room. In any case, the "wow" effect is guaranteed. Furthermore, as already mentioned, the functionality of these lighting accessories is unmatched: they are small, practical and versatile and illuminate every area of ​​the house in an exceptional way.

Round, rectangular, elegant and essential, all you have to do is choose the spotlights that best suit your tastes and furnish your home with style!


The spotlights in the Olux Illuminazione store are all designed to meet the different needs of each customer. Each model is designed and manufactured in Italy following regulatory standards and using only the highest quality materials, a feature that has always distinguished Olux Lighting products.

Find the model of spotlights that best represent your style and buy them in complete comfort in our online store. Get ready to furnish your home with the typical Made in Italy style and quality with our products. Buy them now or take a tour of our shop!

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