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I preferiti del mese: lampade da terra

This month's favourites: floor lamps

We told you a few weeks ago about seasonal purchases. Floor lamps, suspensions, wall sconces and table lamps. It is established that with every change of season there is a desire to renovate the house , even if only with small tricks or with new furnishing accessories and we assure you that light also wants its part, especially in view of Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, have you already started your shopping? In recent days we have kept an eye on our consumers, noting an increase in the search for and purchase of these furnishing accessories: floor lamps and table lamps. The reason is very simple, they are versatile, functional lighting accessories with a great aesthetic impact capable of transforming the appearance of an environment without distorting it. Today we talk about floor lamps, lighting accessories which, thanks to their functionality, are able to make the rooms shine, to reinforce the main light creating suggestive atmospheres and to give a touch of novelty to the room thanks to their presence. One of the most appreciated and purchased floor lamps especially in view of Christmas is Yaya. It is a lamp without a floor lamp, which rests directly on a surface, for this reason its function is twofold: floor lamp or table lamp. Yaya is an egg and represents a functional and aesthetic lighting complement. The white colour, symbol of purity, only further emphasizes all the light given off by the lamp, the design instead tells of a meticulous study and a contemporary choice that adapts perfectly to all environments, giving them elegance and originality. We recommend this floor lamp for both living and sleeping areas. olux_illumination_table_lamp_modern_egg_yaya7_1-1 Colorful, lively and versatile are the floor lamps you don't expect, the name of this collection is Otex . It is a collection of extremely contemporary lamps, designed for furnishings that leave nothing to chance. These floor lamps are able to make the rooms more welcoming. otex_floor_lamp_modern_floor_lamp_olux_lighting_8_2 If you are a lover of contemporary furniture but don't want to give up the elegance of the furnishing accessories that make up your home, then the choice inevitably falls on Bangadet . These floor lamps are characterized by a retro style which materializes all its beauty in the pleated fabric which animates and softens the geometry of the structure. Indispensable element for every home, ideal for those looking for an elegant piece of furniture with a great aesthetic impact without sacrificing functionality. The lamp is available in different colors. And have you already taken a look at our store? What are your favorites of the month? Don't forget to visit the section dedicated to floor lamps and take advantage of our autumn/winter sales!

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