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Idea luce – Idee per illuminare la tua casa

Light idea – Ideas to light up your home

It is an essential element of any room: the right lighting can transform a dark and desolate environment into a welcoming and cheerful space, with the simple flick of a switch.
From glamorous floor lamps to neon ceiling lights, there are so many ways to bring light into your home.
Here are some enlightening ideas !

Suspension chandeliers

Perfect for kitchen lighting, which usually requires a few fixed points:

  • operational lights for work areas near the hob

  • lighting to highlight the shadows

  • lighting to create a wow factor.

A string of pendant lights above a kitchen island definitely falls into the latter choice. The soft specks of light create an effect that is ideal for socialising. There are many styles of pendants, from smoked glass to rustic enamel, with different lights as in the Sunglass Martini chandelier with off-center lights. Try to choose something that blends right in with the rest of the decor. decentralized chandelier design lighting

Wall lights for the bedroom

Eliminate clutter and create a “hotel chic” effect by incorporating two wall lights into your room design. Wall sconces provide precise reading light, free up space on the bedside table for more important things than the lamp – you choose whether hot tea, a book, your tablet...

It becomes a perfect solution for small spaces where a chandelier could be too much! england modern wall sconce lighting

Make the living room sparkle with a modern chandelier

Classic chandeliers often relied on intricate layered tiers and excessive crystals, but today many versions of crystal chandeliers are suited to a modern, minimalist home.

By combining glass, steel or brass, for example, an elegant design is obtained, perhaps due to grooved finishes or intricate geometries as in our Diamante crystal chandelier . These are shape details that project a soft and warm glow of light.

Use it to enhance a dining table, or illuminate a classically furnished living room. classic crystal chandeliers lighting

Floor lamps for discrete lighting

Discover a number of elegant ways to illuminate a living room full of furnishings, with a floor lamp that doesn't weigh down the aesthetics. As for the Lampshade England lamp , lampshade england lighting design floor lamp created in pleated pongé fabric. If you are feeling bold in combinations, you could replace the neutral shade of the lamp with something bold in a contrasting shade: black, dark brown, rosy beige.

On the contrary, in a minimalist space, a floor lamp full of crystals such as the Circles floor lamp with crystals can be inserted as a light idea.

Retro chandelier for a touch of style

The perfect addition to a period home or a new build that lacks a strong style. That's what a retro-style lighting idea can be used for. It can be a 1920s lampshade, or a chandelier with spirals and a "floral" style as in the case of our Agata chandelier.

It's a quick way to introduce bold character into a lackluster living space.

As a light idea, it is better to choose warm golden tones for lights, which will follow the classic architectural curves. Even an additional light source, such as the Ricciolo table lamp , can give another vintage touch to a monotonous decor scheme.

Sputnik-effect light flashes in the living room

Loved by fans of modern art, the Sputnik chandelier is back in fashion. It is the chandelier formed by light rays that "explode" from a common point, and create a spherical optical effect. The name Sputnik, in fact, recalls the Russian satellite launched into space in 1957, and evokes a luminous stellar phenomenon.

It is the perfect way to create a 'dazzling' vision in a living room, particularly if the decorations match the style of the furniture. Among the many glamorous versions, our Girofix chandelier "launches" transparent and red crystals, wisteria, black, amber...

For a sophisticated dining room, it can be combined with tableware and metal accessories, thus creating an original and surprising space.

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