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Idee per Arredare la tua casa con OluxIlluminazione

Ideas for Furnishing your home with OluxIlluminazione

Illuminating interior spaces, especially those that are dark or need a special light, is a small challenge.

Surely, there are many solutions, as well as the types of chandeliers or light points that can add or divert the light in the most suitable way. Even through design details, why not...

Modern LED chandeliers

These light points have contemporary shapes, and a wide diffusion of lighting, thanks to the branches of the bulbs. A LED chandelier like Atom, in the Olux collection, is designed to spread light in all directions, with energy savings and a constant source of light.

This system can double the amount of light in the room by bouncing it off mirrors and reflective surfaces. A play of crossed lights can be created, which with the visual effect expands the dimensions of the space.

Modern LED ceiling light

This type of lighting is a style statement, through the light in the interior of the house. A ceiling lamp remains in the upper area of ​​the space, spreading its light in a discreet and uniform way.

No bright points of light, but a light spread by one or more ceiling lights, which in the Olux collection you can find both square and oval. LED ceiling lights are useful in living rooms, where we relax and chat: a relaxing and warm light creates a perfect atmosphere that soothes our perception and senses.

Modern crystal wall lights

Elegance and brilliant effects. The main purpose of these lights is to decorate the space with their beauty and give a soft light, rather than bright light.

Crystal sconces are an art form that, even when not lit, make the space sparkle with the effects of natural light.

They are usually applied to walls and strategic places, to add a refined and surprising element to the space.

Modern crystal chandeliers

The many facets of a crystal chandelier allow you to better reflect the light, for total illumination.

The crystals mirror other light sources, such as lamps or natural light, throughout the room space.

A light point centered in a room, with such a strong personality and aesthetics, becomes a focal point of the decor. In the Olux collection of modern crystal chandeliers , the design makes them exclusive with shapes inspired by minimalism or swirling.

Modern lampshades

These floor, table or wall lamps are now a lighting classic, and we know that their function is to concentrate light. To highlight a specific space or enhance the beauty of a nearby object that you want to emphasize (a sofa, a coffee table, a vase, a bookcase?).

Olux abat jours can represent an additional source of light, but if we want we can create a system that depends on these lamps, to illuminate a room or even the whole house! If we want to create a contrasting volume, apart from the point where the lampshade filters its light through the lampshade, the rest of the space is in mysterious shadow...

Wrought iron chandeliers

In this case, it's the design that makes the difference. Although the light point is often uncovered, allowing for excellent lighting, it is the beauty of metal chandeliers that is striking. In our collection, you can find spirals and crystals, sinuous or artistic shapes, delightful "spikes" from which the light escapes, or light bulbs surrounded by fascinating curls...

Each wrought iron or metal chandelier represents an incomparable style point for a home.

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