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Industrial Chic e lampade moderne. Ecco le nostre proposte

Industrial Chic and modern lamps. Here are our proposals

The interior design style is constantly changing and we, who are always behind every trend, cannot fail to inform ourselves, adapt and sometimes, we admit it with extreme pride, even anticipate them. This is the case of our Sunglass table lamp and the Industrial Chic style which we will tell you about in a moment! Choosing the style that will give character to your home is never a simple undertaking. The lamps and all the lighting elements during the design phase are fundamental: in fact, they are functional and aesthetic accessories that will define the final appearance of the entire home. We anticipated in our introduction that today we will talk about industrial chic furniture and our Sunglass lamps. The Industrial Chic style has its roots in the Big Apple, New York, precisely as a result of the birth of lofts: homes created from disused premises and factories. The setting, apparently abandoned to itself, is enriched with unused everyday objects that re-interpret the new use in a modern and metropolitan way. The industrial chic style owes its peculiarity to the use of vintage furnishing accessories with an apparently rough and neglected look but which are actually meticulously sought after, hence the term chic! One of the strengths of this style is the versatility of the furniture itself. Many of the furnishing accessories used are reinvented and reused in different ways to guarantee an original and unexpected visual impact. Even the lamps do not escape this game of reuse and we at Olux Illuminazione have thought of the production of lighting accessories that can also adapt to industrial chic environments. In this particular case we are talking about our collection of modern Sunglasses lamps : simple objects of our everyday life, such as glasses that become real design lamps! Elements that we use every day are transformed into unique, original and elegant products. Formal essentiality dominates the SUNGLASS collection. The reflections of the glass animate the lamps, creating a scenographic effect of extreme charm, like when you recognize the rays of the sun among the clouds. olux_illumination_sunglass_mojito_table_2

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