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Joke: lampadari di design per living moderni

Joke: design chandeliers for modern living rooms

Jok is one of the Olux Illuminazione chandeliers that is configured as an emblem of contemporary design and sobriety.
Colored or transparent, these modern chandeliers will allow a unique customization within your environments.
This lamp was born from the need to furnish the most contemporary living rooms with style, without renouncing elegance and colour, elements that characterize Joke.
Dining rooms, kitchens and living rooms, these environments will be enveloped in a completely new light thanks to our modern chandeliers .
The perfect mix of functionality and aesthetics gives life to a sober, elegant and contemporary piece of furniture able to lighten and illuminate your rooms.
Choosing the furnishing accessories for your home is never easy, especially when it comes to modern chandeliers, design elements that blend functionality and aesthetic taste for the furnishing of your rooms.
The living area is perhaps the most complex one to furnish, especially in terms of lighting, it is essential to choose modern chandeliers that have a satisfactory beam of light and that simultaneously satisfy personal tastes.
Olux Illuminazione presents a vast selection of modern chandeliers on the market, in particular today we present Jok, an elegant and modern piece of furniture that will illuminate your living area.
Jok is one of those chandeliers that have a timeless charm.
Composed of methacrylate domes, these modern chandeliers give the environment color and light. The material allows this lamp to have excellent resistance and a long life over time. All details of Joke are made of steel with transparent power wire.
The careful choice of materials allows us to sell high quality modern chandeliers on the market, rigorously Made in Italy.
Red, blue, transparent... you can choose the color that best suits your spaces. Once you have chosen your destination, all you have to do is furnish your room with our modern chandeliers.
Jok represents a high quality choice to be introduced both in environments characterized by contemporary living, and for those slightly more classic furnishings, configuring itself as a breaking point with respect to the usual standards.
The perfect half sphere that characterizes the structure of these modern chandeliers, the beam of light is wrapped and diffused within the environment, covering the entire area concerned. Elegant, sober and functional Jok guarantees a perfect balance between functionality and style.

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