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Lampadari Moderni 2017. Summer Edition

Modern Chandeliers 2017. Summer Edition

We've been waiting for it so long but then we can't wait for it to be over. We're talking about summer and all the pros and cons that this season brings. However, as with the arrival of each new season, also in this case the need for change is upon us. And if there are those who prefer a change of hair or a new shirt, there are also those who prefer design shopping to change the face of their home. After all, the house represents those who live in it and change is always good. Today we talk about summer and modern chandeliers with a "summer edition" selection with a fresh, colorful and light flavor just like this season. Ready to discover the must haves that will give your home a new look? Among our selection of modern chandeliers, Joke , which has always been the flagship collection of our production, cannot be missing. Also for this summer, Joke uses its colors to lighten up every room in the house in a graceful way. In fact, thanks to the methacrylate dome, the body of this suspension is even lighter. suspension-olux-lighting-jok-modern-design Wall sconces represent an excellent solution for those who want to light up their rooms in a discreet way, or add a lighting accessory that supports the main light of the room. Let's face it, wall sconces represent one of the best ways to give a new face to an environment or a particular area of ​​the house. And what better color than white to represent this season in a fresh and light way? Here are our proposals! olux_illumination_wall-lamp-modern_ideaolux_illumination_lamp_modern_sphere_glass_white7 Among the modern chandeliers that we recommend for your indoor and outdoor environments there is certainly Jamby , a collection of suspensions that has many variations based on its destination. For this summer we definitely recommend the natural straw version to furnish any environment with style and originality. modern_chandelier_straw_natural_olux_1 (1) An outdoor environment cannot be defined as such if it does not have at least one lighting accessory, do you agree? Whether we have a large outdoor space or a small balcony, it is precisely in that place that you will go looking for a bit of coolness during the hottest days. So here's our proposal : Yaya , a versatile lamp that is inspired in a retro and not obvious way by the world of nature. You can choose between the table version and the floor version, its vibrant and soft light will surprise you. olux_illumination_table_lamp_modern_egg_yaya11_1 And if you like our proposals but you are not completely convinced yet, we invite you to take a virtual tour of our shop and choose the lighting accessory that will give a touch of novelty to your decor. Happy shopping!

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