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Lampadari Moderni in tessuto

Modern chandeliers in fabric

Modern chandeliers are what you need to furnish the rooms of the house with style, those in fabric are characterized by versatility and originality and can adapt perfectly to any environment. From the kitchen to the living room, passing through the bedroom and the children's room, we present the ideal solution for an original lighting given by the presence of modern fabric chandeliers.

Fabric chandeliers: between modernity and innovation

The common imagination tells of fabric chandeliers as traditional lighting accessories linked more to the classic style. In reality this is absolutely not the case, just look at the modern fabric chandeliers, lighting accessories characterized by modern lines and essential designs designed to guarantee the furnished environment its own personality. Modernity is given precisely by the use of refined materials, essential shapes and lines and the use of innovative details, in short, these are lighting accessories that perfectly blend modernity and tradition. As anticipated, these are lighting accessories with great versatility and therefore adaptable to any environment. Furthermore, their functionality is undisputed, in fact they manage to illuminate a room perfectly, giving it personality and character thanks to the refined and modern design. olux-roary-modern-set-suspension_3

Modern fabric chandeliers: how to choose them

If you are a lover of the genre, it will be difficult to choose just one chandelier for each room. However, there are some precautions that you can apply to choose the most suitable lighting accessories for one environment rather than another. In domestic contexts of absolute modernity we recommend choosing a chandelier with squared and regular shapes, certainly monochromatic or with an animalier pattern. Pay attention to the fabric, the choice of synthetic leather is interesting for these environments. If, on the other hand, your environment is minimal but still observes the rules of elegance, go ahead and opt for a modern cotton chandelier with simple lines and refined colours. olux-roary-ceiling-light-modern-living-room-set_2 Play a lot with colors. Obviously, choosing these should be based on the rest of your decor but don't forget to take a look at the trends to find out which colors of the year are.

Why choose modern fabric chandeliers

There are many advantages in choosing a fabric chandelier. These are functional lighting accessories, with a great aesthetic impact and extremely versatile. Furthermore, cleaning these chandeliers is quite easy even if you have to deal with the type of fabric chosen. However, usually the fabric can be cleaned with a wet cloth or, in the case of removable chandeliers, put in the washing machine. In any case, the purchase will be worth it and thanks to the modern fabric chandeliers you can give your environment a completely different look. We are waiting for you on to show you our selection of modern fabric chandeliers.

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