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Lampadari moderni per camera da letto

Modern chandeliers for bedroom

They're not just for grand hallways and dining rooms, chandeliers are a popular choice for bedrooms too. It can be of any size and shape, but it is essential that it matches the decor of the bedroom, but also that it is able to spread the right light, following small guidelines on lighting.

The most suitable light points for bedrooms

Choosing the most suitable chandeliers for the bedroom, we can come across models that we really like but are not ideal for such a private room. Many chandeliers and suspension lamps are designed for kitchens or living rooms, and in the bedroom they could be too bulky, or excessively "invisible" like ceiling lights.

The appropriate size of a chandelier comes from the size of the bedroom and the height of the walls. The width and length of the room must also be evaluated, to then position the height of a chandelier.

Furthermore, the point where it will be positioned is usually central, but a defined area can also be evaluated if the room is large.

A bedroom chandelier can also be primarily decorative, offering only mood lighting.

Or the ambient lighting can be higher if you want more brightness, such as in other rooms. If so, the chandelier must be bright, controlled by an electric switch, ensuring maximum lighting power.

A light point that can derive from a floor lamp , on the other hand, is suitable with a switch that gives off a dimmer beam of light, allowing brightness levels that follow the times and mood.

In fact, of all the rooms in the house, your bedroom is probably the only one where you spend time when it's completely dark, and which needs to be completely bright if necessary to get dressed or ready, clean, fold clothes or redo the bed. Hence, getting the right bedroom lighting design is essential to making it a comfortable place.

Additional light sources to layer room lighting

If you plan on engaging in activities that require concentration, such as reading, working, or applying makeup, you should consider layering the chandelier lighting with the different, localized lights.

Purposeful task lighting doesn't have to be limited to the traditional desk lamp, but there are also bedside lamps, low pendants on either side of the bed, sconces, wall lights on either side of the headboard. Or you can choose a pendant lamp with off-center lights to swing above the headboard or wardrobe.

The style of bedroom chandeliers

The furnishings and colors of the environment determine the style of the illuminants. A modern style bedroom suggests an elegant metal style, while a traditional or antique bedroom suggests a crystal insertion.

In some cases, crystal chandeliers or pendant chandeliers that can have crystal inserts in the metal structure are highly sought after.

In our proposals, there are transparent Asfour crystals, but which can also be made in other colors, with different sizes and finishes to meet the style of the bedroom.

If, on the other hand, the bedroom is very modern, an imaginative chandelier could be supported, perhaps with floral garlands, beads or minimalist shapes.

In this regard, metal suspension chandeliers are now trendy, with geometric shapes and fabric cables, or tubular chandeliers.

A modern chandelier can enhance the overall theme of the room, for example for those who choose it with an animalier fabric or bold colors. All you have to do is evaluate shapes and ideas for the most surprising effect-style, between lighting and style for the bedroom.

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