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Lampadari moderni per cucina

Modern chandeliers for the kitchen

The choice of lighting is essential in any home or work environment, but above all in a space like the kitchen, where light becomes essential.

The chandelier for the kitchen: diffusing the light to every corner

In the kitchen, the choice of modern chandeliers represents an indispensable resource. It is here that we prepare the food, check the cooking or the deadlines in the fridge; it is in the kitchen that light is needed when we serve it on the table, and when we must also be attentive to the hygiene of the environment and the cleaning of the dishes. For that, we need a clarity that depends not only on light bulbs, but also on chandeliers. Yes, because modern chandeliers in the kitchen are the most suitable for diffusing the light, without obstacles. Sometimes, indeed, the lighting in the kitchen is designed with spotlights and suspension lamps , with suspended and decentralized bulbs to cover a larger space. There are many possibilities on Olux to install functional chandeliers, even without neglecting elegance. You can choose models of modern chandeliers, but also classic ones especially when the kitchen is in an antique style, or when it is open to the living room.

Ceiling lights or chandeliers in the kitchen?

You can personalize the kitchen environment, remembering that the element of the chandelier in the kitchen, however, must not be invasive. In some cases, in fact, you can choose a ceiling lamp , or spotlights in the false ceiling, to leave more space for the architecture. In this case, the possibility of a chandelier with a modern design, perhaps with geometric shapes or innovative materials, is renounced in favor of a more practical choice. Ceiling lights are preferred to give light to every corner of the kitchen in a discreet way, to the detriment of the design in some cases, unless you choose a particularly refined model. To date , ceiling lights with colored glass are also widespread , or with shapes that satisfy even those looking for a modern kitchen chandelier and discovering the minimal essence of this type of lighting.

However, a chandelier in the kitchen can create a more subdued light if it is necessary to leave the table area not too lit, and you can think of crystal as a transparency suitable for modulating the light.

These furnishing accessories can be created with modern geometric lines, but also by revisiting tradition through models of pendant chandeliers with artistic glass . The diffuser part can be modeled with colors and shapes that recall the chandeliers of the Fifties or Sixties modern art.

Increase the light points if the kitchen allows it

To combine the two choices, in the case of an open kitchen with living room, one can think of a suspended kitchen lamp in the table area, and a lighting system with a ceiling lamp or spotlights where the kitchen is cooked and in the area that houses the refrigerator or the pantry. In the case of a kitchen with an adjoining living room, it will also be possible to choose more refined models for the border area. Modern kitchen chandeliers are often designed as the classic dome suspension, in plastic materials; in this case, however, it is possible to think of solutions with more refined structures with transparent or colored crystals, which can shed light on the living room and kitchen. On the other hand, above the central island or in the worktop area, it is possible to insert pendant lamps, which the latest trends want with minimalist bulbs and a transparent glass as a diffuser.

The important thing is not to use flammable materials such as cotton for the kitchen, nor floor lamps which can only clutter up and create problems of further electrical connection.

Small tricks that we at Olux always take into account, because they make a kitchen safe, illuminated and certainly more pleasant to live in!

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