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Lampadari moderni soggiorno

Modern living room chandeliers

Most of our rooms are designed with specific functions in mind, such as cooking, dining, bathing, sleeping... This is not the case for the living room, which hosts many activities, even unique to each person.

The light for the living room, an environment that is always different

Depending on the day, it could be the setting where we entertain our friends or share family evenings, or relax, curl up on the sofa with a book; in other cases we can watch our favorite programmes, and in many cases the living room is designed for eating, in the open spaces shared with the kitchen!

This multipurpose space needs specific lighting, chandeliers for the living room that we know how to give the right light for everyday life in any case.

Modern chandeliers for the living room can highlight family photos and artwork on the walls in a classic living room.

But they can also provide plenty of light when the children are doing their homework, or we have someone for tea or dinner. For this, you need to better understand how you use the space, and set the choice of the best living room chandeliers.

For many of us it's a room to watch TV, so bear in mind that televisions emit their own light: your lighting must not conflict with this, causing glare that interferes and hurts the eyes.

In these cases, light sources pointing towards windows or walls can help – you will need to modulate the lighting yourself and the TV so that no light hits the screen directly.

The pendant chandeliers for the diffusion of light

Suspended chandeliers with different lights that expand in an "atomic" way , with arms adjustable through a joint like our Atom 80, will be useful for spreading the rays of light.

Alternatively, you can think of chandeliers with decentralized lights like our Sunglass Martini for the living room. A chandelier formed by several transparent glass glasses that diffuse the light of the internal bulbs in a non-central way, also acting through suspension.

A more refined model is the Girofix crystal chandelier , which scatters the transparent and red crystals, or wisteria, blacks, in short, with diversified finishes by style.

The more "posh" or refined version can be the Orbita crystal chandelier , which looks classic, with a structure of transparent crystal chains that slide downwards and gather in the circle at the bottom, which can be configured using tie rods different locations .

modern chandeliers olux lighting

Uniform lighting that makes living room spaces pop

An opposite choice to that of diffusion is that which highlights the architectural features within the space, or the furnishings.

Here you can choose between:

  • classic chandeliers for the living room with a clear and defined light, which creates shadows from above

  • adjustable recessed ceiling lighting, or wall sconces with a defined angle to accentuate the room.

In the first case there are different models of crystal chandeliers such as the large structure for Lucciola 80: asfour square crystals with a transparent finish. Other models are classic chandeliers, even with a single bulb as for Ricciolo oro , a model with a steel structure with a gold finish and amber-colored crystals.

Certainly a lot also depends on the furnishings, so some models with scrolls and decorations can be more functional in a classic living room; while, for a modern living room different options are thought with modern structures, and colorful wall sconces.

The choice is yours to make your stay in full light!

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