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Lampade da tavolo: design e funzionalità dove vuoi

Table lamps: design and functionality wherever you want

The perfect combination of functionality and design is becoming increasingly sought after to ensure customers carve out their own space in maximum domestic comfort and more, we are talking about table lamps, lighting accessories capable of providing specific and discreet light for allow you to carry out certain activities at any time. Discover the vast selection of table lamps on Olux Illuminazione and illuminate any room with made in Italy style light. olux_illumination_table_lamp_t1_modern_bandaget_pleated_fabric_ivory_2

Table lamps: functional home corners

Was the work in the office too much and you decided to take some home? Are you back on your books and you have to study when everyone in the house is asleep? Or are you passionate about your bedside book to the point of wanting to dedicate your evening time to it? All these activities would not be possible without a table lamp to be placed on the desk or on the bedside table to illuminate the surface during your reading or study operations. Finding the table lamp that best suits your needs is not so simple, there are so many models and designs offered by Olux Illuminazione but, to choose the right lighting accessory for you, just pay attention to a few things, among these certainly the light beam to be directed according to your position. olux_illumination_agate_lume_1

Table lamps: how to choose them

Whether you need to create your reading, study or relaxation corner, one thing is certain, you need light. The functionality of table lamps is undisputed, in fact they allow you to enjoy a beam of light that covers the work surface, thus taking care not to tire your eyes and eyesight and thus allow you to operate at any time of day or night. So how to choose them ? Don't ask yourself the problem of design, on Olux Illuminazione there is a wide choice of table lamps in different colors and styles to be adapted to any environment: from the home office, to the children's room to the bedroom, without exception . Our advice is rather to pay attention to the space. Once you have chosen the table on which the lamp will be placed, take a look at the dimensions of the lamps available to choose the one that best suits your needs so as not to take up too much space on your work surface. It is also very important to evaluate the intensity, even better if it can be adjusted so that according to your needs, you can choose a more or less intense light beam. olux_lighting_lamp_modern_sphere_glass_white14 Finally, don't forget that table lamps are also allies for creating romantic atmospheres and soft light during dinners, watching movies or relaxing moments in general. In short, a practical, versatile and functional lighting accessory that will make the whole family happy. Have you already chosen your lamp? We are waiting for you in our section dedicated to table lamps.

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