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Lampade da tavolo tradizionali

Traditional table lamps

And who said that modernity must necessarily conflict with tradition ? In fact, there are more and more requests for lighting accessories such as modern table lamps with details that recall the tradition and history of design. Let yourself be inspired by the wide range of modern lamps and table lamps on our site and illuminate your home with style. (Product in photo Yucca table lamp ) yucca-table-lamp-olux-rosewood-white

Traditional table lamps for an elegant living room

The light inside a house is essential for carrying out the primary operations but not only that, the lighting is the main cause of the creation of magical and suggestive atmospheres . In fact, thanks to the furnishing accessories you can play on contrasts and brightness, enhancing certain areas of an environment and creating surprising plays of light. The result is said: a magical and welcoming atmosphere for yourself and for your guests. To do this, the presence of secondary lighting accessories that support the main ones, such as table lamps, is important . Traditional table lamps represent timeless details, an element of decor capable of giving the home the elegance of tradition without renouncing modernity. And it is precisely this result that the table lamps by Olux Illuminazione aspire to: lighting and furnishing accessories that refer to a unique style, that of tradition, enriching the living room with timeless elegance while not giving up small details of contemporaneity.

pleated table lamp

Traditional table lamps: style and materials

Table lamps are furnishing accessories characterized by an important functionality. They can be placed on a table near the reading area or on a desk to facilitate studying or again, near a wall that needs to be enhanced. When choosing traditional table lamps that will enrich domestic environments with charm, let yourself be inspired by your taste and by our proposals. Many materials: glass, ceramic or resin for those looking for a precious lighting accessory. On the other hand, those who do not want to give up the charm of tradition but are also fascinated by more contemporary styles can opt for table lamps made with modern materials such as steel or plastic so as to have real design objects at home capable of blending tradition and modernity . For the choice of a table lamp with a purely traditional flavor, we recommend opting for classic colors in soft shades such as ivory, cream or milky white and also beige and its shades. In this case, color is essential to give the atmosphere a candid and dreamy aura, typical of the tradition of the past.

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