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Lampade da terra classiche

Classic floor lamps

As the name suggests, a floor lamp represents a lighting choice that allows it to be placed on the floor, and give its light to a well-defined area .

The light arriving from above provides an illusion of vertical space, making classic floor lamps among the best lighting decoration ideas for homes but also for clubs and commercial spaces.

Advantages of floor lamps and floor lamps

Floor lamps are also easy to install and available in a wide range of designs, ranging from the classic England floor lamp to table lamps , through steel and colored crystal floor lamps , floor lamp and lume table lamp

A floor lamp is usually not too tall, but it can vary according to its functionality.

Aside from the aesthetic appeal, floor lights offer a myriad of uses, to add elegance or practicality to the environment.

Practical lighting

From romantic reading lamps to vintage lamps to create a retro vibe, floor lamps offer a variety of benefits for any given activity space. They are useful for relaxing in the living room with a cup of tea or a book, without turning on all the chandelier lighting.

They can be functional, to complete your decor even for those who want to illuminate the area away from the TV or computer, for those who want to create an intimate corner in the bedroom near the bedside tables, for a living area between the living room and the kitchen, and in entrance compartment if the dimensions are such as to create a retro-lit corner and it is not worth having a chandelier.

Ease of installation

Unlike other lighting solutions, floor lamps offer the advantage that anyone can install them .

All that is needed is a cozy corner and an electrical outlet for power. Floor lamps are also much cheaper than chandeliers and spotlights, or other wall mounted lighting solutions in your home.

Furthermore, they can be installed in any room, from the living room to the balcony, with the advantage of providing light and elegance without spending too much on lighting installation.

Different models and styles

Floor lamps are available in a wide variety of styles and designs, and are a highly sought-after piece of furniture.

From the classic lamps with a metal or wrought iron finish, we get to the minimalist design of the last decades, passing through timeless models, such as the England floor lamp that we have mentioned.
Always on trend, these floor lamps add a pop of color to your space with a vibrant lampshade that can tie into the décor.
You can also opt for floor lamps with multiple lights, from 4 to 6 light units, to illuminate an entire corner, and not a specific area – as the Circles 4-light floor lamp allows, which diffuses 360-degree glow.

lampshade details modern and classic floor lamps

They increase the space

They create a spatial illusion, a sort of visual opening in the room starting from eye level, balancing the brightness of the chandeliers , especially if they are wall or ceiling lights.

You can take advantage of this effect and add a suggestive element, completing your floor or table lamp light with an unusual, perhaps even more illusionistic background. It could contribute to the illusion of greater height created by your floor lamp.

Floor or floor lamps offer the creative freedom to design your light space according to different needs; a great advantage for those who do not want to invest in permanent lighting solutions.

They complement other lights

Classic floor lamps can be used as a lighting solution to focus on a particular point in a room, but also for a "comparison" with other lights in the same house or environment.

They match all types of lights, with style solutions that see the floor lamps as complementary to both romantic chandeliers and formal table lamps.
They also help to “soften” a lighting choice, balancing the brightness of the room down when it is too bright in the high, central light level.

Of course, even if a floor lamp can be installed in every room, for ideal lighting you need to make sure that it is in the right place in every room. Make sure it's at the correct height, so the light doesn't fall on your eyes when you're sitting on the bed or sofa. In the living room, choose a corner for the floor lamp that does not obstruct the passage, perhaps between the furniture, to add a subtle but relevant glow in the overall luminosity.

For exceptional lighting solutions, choose classic Olux floor lamps , and you will be sure to count on a Made in Italy product, durable and with style for your home.

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