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Floor lamps: guide to choosing

How to choose floor lamps for your home decor? What are the most suitable ones for living environments? And which floor lamps to choose for bedrooms and children's rooms? Also, are floor lamps suitable for traffic areas? We answer all your questions with this short guide on choosing floor lamps to furnish your home. olux_square_floor_lamp_f_lilac_2 Floor lamps represent a very useful and practical but also elegant and chic piece of furniture for the home. In fact, this lighting accessory envelops the room with a comfortable light, supporting the primary light source. To furnish your home with style, choosing an Olux Illuminazione floor lamp is certainly a winner. Floor lamps are born as a supplement to the main lighting in large rooms where ceiling lights cannot bring light into every corner. The main advantage of these lamps is that they take up little space and are easily transportable from one room to another. Floor lamps can be inserted discreetly into any environment. For example, in a contemporary living room, floor lamps with a refined and minimal design can recreate welcoming and intriguing settings thanks to a play of reflections. If, on the other hand, you want to recreate a softer and warmer atmosphere, you can opt for furnishing accessories with adjustable intensity. Yes to floor lamps in bedrooms and also in transit areas such as entrances and corridors. It is used a little less in the kitchen, but not to be excluded especially in the case of large open space environments. In short, floor lamps practically everywhere. You can choose your piece of furniture based on the style of the house and your needs. What are you waiting for? take a walk through our store now to discover the wide range of modern lamps and floor lamps to make your rooms unique and stylish. Happy shopping with us!

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