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Lampade da terra shabby

Shabby floor lamps

Fashion, what a delight! Even in lighting, as in furniture, shabby floor lamps have been part of the buying and liking trend for some time . For those who don't yet know what shabby furniture is, or the advantages of floor lamps...

Shabby chic, furniture and lamps in style

Born in the USA as a "vintage" furnishing style that reuses old furniture in a new way, over time this term has become synonymous with a different and well-defined style.

Starting from the English word shabby which means worn or worn out, the chic detail arrived over time when interior design discovered the taste of aged furniture, which is now also called "shabbati" when you want to age it on purpose.

In addition, for some time now the shabby chic furnishing style has become synonymous with old Provençal and French style furniture, or "scruffy" Anglo-Saxon furniture, such as grandmother's sideboards or dusty chests of drawers.

In all of this, shabby chic lamps also have a moment of luck in furnishing and lighting. They give a refined atmosphere, with soft colors and shapes that recall the past. They go well with stone and wrought iron, wood, always with an antique and rustic effect.

Shabby lamps, English or vintage style floor lamps

For home lighting there are distinctive features, and in shabby chic homes it is easy to find classic lamps with fabric shades, such as our England floor lamps .

Floor lamps or wall lamps are often designed to create an atmosphere with a soft and diffused beam of light, perfect for both living rooms and bedrooms.

An original style, the shabby one, which also sees very well the multiple-armed chandeliers for living rooms or dining rooms, which allow for greater light intensity.

If the shabby chic style requires light shades, you can also think of breaking up the vintage lines with a lampshade with more linear shapes, such as the Roary floor lamp, in the neutral or beige version.

floor lamp

For those who love to break with a shabby style but inspired by the forties, you can think of a floor lamp with spirals and crystal drops, such as the Ricciolo floor lamp , with 6 lights, halfway between vintage and the sophistication of a living room in the English style.

In other cases, such as in the living room where you place the coffee table next to the sofa (as was the custom in the past), you can place a table lamp above it, strictly in line with the shabby chic style. It must be a lamp with soft shapes, with a clear lampshade, and if you are particularly creative, you could also decorate it with additional crochet or fabric inserts...

Furthermore, in terms of lighting, you can create a unique atmosphere if you choose candlesticks or wax candles to support the shabby floor lamps.

These lights should be placed around the room, to create nice points of light and should be visible no matter where they are placed.

Soft light from the floor lamp , candles or small points of light around... and immediately the air becomes that of a shabby but very chic interior!

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