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Lampade da terra: tra colore e design

Floor lamps: between color and design

How important are color and design in the choice of floor lamps and more generally of all lighting accessories? Very, very much. But we also know that with the arrival of March and therefore of spring it is essential to give new light and color to the house. And it is precisely here that floor lamps come in handy: versatile, colorful and dynamic lighting elements. February was a short but intense month, between Valentine's Day and Carnival followed by romantic dinners and parties for adults and children respectively, here you can finally relax and enjoy a little relaxation within the walls of your own home. And what's better than a soft and relaxing atmosphere that only floor lamps can give? But March is almost here and it's time to open the curtains, throw open the windows and give new light to all the rooms in the house. Color will dominate next season. Ready to discover our lively collection of floor lamps to furnish your home in spring. After all, there's so little left. On the podium is Otex , a colourful, light and lively floor lamp suitable for any type of furniture and environment. It is certainly one of the most versatile furnishing accessories created in recent times. You can place it in the dining room, in the bedroom, in the kitchen or on the veranda, it will give a touch of joy to the whole environment. All you have to do is choose the color that best represents you. otex_floor_lamp_modern_floor_lamp_olux_illumination_3_2 otex_floor_lamp_modern_floor_lamp_olux_illumination_11_2 If you like color but are looking for furnishing accessories that refer to a certain ideal of classicism and elegance, you can certainly rely on England , a collection of floor lamps with a vintage and romantic flavor that will fill the entire environment with suggestion . You can also find England for sale on our website in other versions! range_modern_lampshade_fabric_olux_england_2_11 Last but not least we offer you Square and Bangadet, two floor lamps with an extremely modern flavor. Both available in different colors to give a touch of class and extra light to your entire home. All you have to do is choose your favorite color and furnish your home with style for the arrival of spring! Follow us for the next tips!

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