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Luci di Natale: illuminare la casa con stile

Christmas lights: light up your home with style

Family, friends, long tables and big laughs: we are talking about Christmas, the most loved holiday by all ages. Christmas is in fact one of the most awaited periods of the year, the moment in which we get together with friends and relatives, eat delicious dishes and exchange gifts and promises under the tree. But let's face it, it's not Christmas without the right atmosphere and as happens on the street, your home needs to be lit too, with style of course. On Olux Illuminazione, many light proposals to illuminate every room of your home with style and originality, even in view of Christmas. And if you order before December 20th , Christmas delivery is guaranteed! house-2593478_960_720

Christmas lights: how to light up a house with style

Home decorations for the Christmas season are very important for both the hosts and the guests. A well-furnished house with the right spirit manages to immerse people in the much-loved Christmas atmosphere: Christmas balls, a tree, a nativity scene, garlands and butcher's broom. Obviously the Christmas lights cannot be missing. In this case, forget your main lighting sources, you need to think and place real light sources that immerse the environment in the spirit of celebration. Christmas candles are beautiful and create suggestive atmospheres but their smell could annoy someone, especially in the presence of children. Furthermore, to ensure sufficient light to eat, chat and spend the evening together they may not be the optimal solution. On the contrary, however, the light of lighting accessories such as table lamps or floor lamps are able to illuminate certain corners of the environment at your convenience. Being Christmas, we recommend using a warm light to make the atmosphere magical and welcoming. 5m-14-4w-warm-white-light-5050-smd-300-led-strip-lamp-12v-dc_2_1 (1)

Christmas lights: the optimal solution

As anticipated, to create the perfect light for your Christmas evening you can place lighting accessories such as table or floor lamps inside the room, versatile elements that can be used in place of the main light to create magical atmospheres. A very popular idea by insiders and by lovers of warm atmospheres is to place a LED strip inside an environment. It is a practical and functional lighting element that allows you to create important lighting effects on a corner, a floor or a certain area of ​​the house. Thanks to this solution you will not have to deal with the missing space or even drill the wall, the LED strip is in fact fixed in the area of ​​interest with double-sided tape. LED strips can also be used for both indoor and outdoor spaces. ON Olux Illuminazione you can find many lighting ideas for this Christmas including LED strips of different colors and lengths. And you, have you already decorated your home for this Christmas?

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