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Orange Light: le tendenze arancio nelle lampade moderne

Orange Light: orange trends in modern lamps

There's red, which is without a doubt one of our favorite colors when it comes to furniture, and then there are all its shades to appreciate. Among these, how can we not mention orange ? We are absolutely sure of it, modern lamps in their orange version will conquer the homes of Italians this season. A small premise for those who think that orange is just a variant of red. It's not like that at all. Orange is the absolute protagonist in the color palette, its vitamin tone makes it an energetic color that finds more and more space in modern furnishings, but also in classic and shabby chic ones. Let's face it, it's a versatile color and therefore any furnishing style can be reinterpreted in a warm version with the color orange. Attention, we are not suggesting you to paint all the internal and external walls of your house in orange and change all the furnishings, even if for the bravest it could certainly be an inspiration for a spring change. Our advice is to insert furnishing accessories of this color inside your already furnished home, as long as they go well with the rest of the furniture. For those who are intrigued by orange and want to give a warm and renewed touch to their home, our advice is to start with modern lamps, in their orange version, of course. We can start with the suspensions, which certainly represent the most important lighting accessory in a house, the most visible one capable of characterizing the environment. Among our modern lamps , in the orange version you certainly cannot fail to consider tubes , a collection of chandeliers with essential lines and pure shapes, suitable for contemporary contexts. chandelier_suspension_modern_lampshade_olux_fabric_tubes_S3-45_orange We remain in the field of "modern pendants and chandeliers" to discover Roary Slim, a collection of modern lamps with a biting charm that stands out for its contemporary design and geometric elegance. roary-slim-suspension-diameter-60-olux-orange-64f If you think that our selection of modern lamps in the orange version has finished here, you are wrong. Unmissable in the orange version is Joke, our flagship, followed by the ultra-modern and elegant Lampshade and Bandaget , a collection of lamps with a retro and romantic style, also in the orange version. And if you are still not satisfied with our proposals, all you have to do is go to our website and choose from hundreds of proposals for modern and made in Italy lamps, in the orange version of course.

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