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Piantane moderne da salotto

Modern living room floor lamps

In a period where open spaces and large minimal environments make more and more space in the choice of their home, there are still those who traditionally love to choose a house with a living room, while furnishing it as contemporary trends require. Charm, elegance and modernity materialize stylish furnishing elements that decorate the spaces of this environment, however light is always the master. And what better than modern floor lamps to illuminate your living room with style? Discover the best models of modern floor lamps on Olux Illuminazione. olux-iluminazione-circles-floor lamp_1

Modern floor lamps in the living room: modernity and tradition

Refined, discreet and functional flashes rest on the rest of the furnishing accessories in the living room, enhancing them, enriching the atmosphere with a suggestive and timeless allure. This is the great power that modern floor lamps possess, a perfect mix of functionality and aesthetics. As tradition dictates, these lighting accessories are configured as a timeless style icon, giving elegance to even the most contemporary living rooms. Thanks to the revisited shapes and the materials used in fact, these floor lamps retain all the charm of their history but are configured as a perfect fusion between tradition and modernity. The living room floor lamps are able to create suggestive relaxing atmospheres capable of framing the internal environment of the living area. They can be used to illuminate a certain space in the room to support the main light or you can choose to turn on only this light to create soft atmospheres in certain situations. On Olux Illuminazione it is possible to choose the modern floor lamp that best responds to tastes and personal needs. Among our modern living room floor lamps, we point out: Ricciolo - A modern lamp that immediately brings you to a fairy-tale imagery. The golden curls of one of the protagonists best known to children fall into the sky and materialize in this collection of design lamps which also includes the floor version. colored_curl-22_2_1_1_1 Circles - It is a collection of modern floor lamps intended for the living area. The asfour crystal shines in all its beauty by filtering the light through many small squares. The timeless elegance of crystal blends with the absolute modernity of steel, of which the floor lamp is its spokesperson, giving life to a masterpiece of elegant modernity. Luxury - A design lamp with evident minimalist ideals that are expressed through contemporary design and essential lines. However, the constitutive rigor and geometric elegance leave room for suggestive timeless atmospheres thanks to the presence of applications on the lampshade that bring absolute modernity back to a state of suggestive traditionality. olux_luxury_black_floor_lamp_floor_1_1 (1)

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