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Plafoniere colorate

Colored ceiling lights

To create spaces with uniform lighting and also beneficial from a chromatic point of view, colored ceiling lights are ideal.

Whether you use fabric or metal ceiling lights , color can be a precious element!

The advantages of ceiling lights

Adequate lighting makes the house more and more beautiful, and allows us to experience it at every hour. Without a doubt, having uniform lights, such as ceiling lights allow, helps to better see the whole of an environment, but also the appearance of a chandelier or light point, has its why in terms of furnishings.

In addition to functionality, in fact, ceiling lights with a certain style give a touch of particular design to the interior.

The so-called ceiling lights have a less spectacular impact than a crystal chandelier, obviously, but they can be perfect if colored to match the furniture or accessories.

Maybe, even just with our favorite color!

When building a home decor, if you have a large ceiling a ceiling light can expand the space even better. It manages to give good lighting without hindering the view too much, but with a precise touch of color.

If desired, the ceiling lamp can also be combined with a table lamp of a similar colour, to give different light points but similar color points.

But that's not all, lighting with a colored ceiling light can also help your mood!

The color effect on the ceiling

Lighting can change your mood and it can relax you, you know. Especially if you can modulate the light according to your needs.

Furthermore, chromotherapy teaches us that colors have a good effect on our nervous system , so surrounding yourself with the right or favorite ones can only do you good.

Therefore, colored ceiling lights can become a furnishing resource that helps our well-being at home.

We know that blue tones increase our attention, relieve fatigue. Yellow favors creativity and sociability, red gives energy and dynamism, perhaps useful in the kitchen.

Pink allows you to relax, perhaps at the end of the day in the room, while green calms the mind and focuses attention on one point (excellent for light).

Do you like purple? You can meditate, dream, but also finish what you started with a violet stimulus.

You just have to choose which one you prefer, among our colored ceiling lights, available in different colors and sizes. Like the Roary model: a modern ceiling lamp with a cotton and PVC fabric diffuser, which you can find in orange, red, acid green, burgundy, straw yellow, dark brown and lilac (in addition to the classic black and white).

Or the rectangular Square, the colored ceiling lamp that you can buy in many sizes and colours: red, acid green, beige, orange, black, white, burgundy, dark brown, lilac.

Color color... you choose it!

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