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Plafoniere Moderne Sunglass: a qualcuno piace Industrial chic

Modern Sunglass ceiling lights: someone likes Industrial chic

It 'just the case to say, someone likes "industrial chic" . We're talking about Sunglass , our collection of modern ceiling lights with an industrial chic style which in recent years has increasingly asserted itself among international furnishing trends. Some like Industrial Before talking to you about our modern ceiling lights , so appreciated by lovers of contemporary furnishings, we want to make a small premise on the industrial chic style, of which Sunglass is proudly the spokesperson. We could briefly summarize the style in this way: the workshop, in the purest and most truthful sense of the term, merges with design and attention to detail that only this can have, managing to create even a simple thing, a chic universe . This is how industrial chic was born. The materials used in industrial furnishings are glass, steel, wood and even cables (all typical elements of the workshop). Experimentation is the key word in industrial chic furnishings, not only in the combination of lighting accessories but also in their creation. olux_illumination_sunglass_martini_ceiling lamp_1l_2 And who knows how to embody this style better than our modern ceiling lights ? Sunglass is a modern ceiling lamp with a chromed steel structure and a transparent glass as a diffuser. With Sunglass, simple everyday objects (such as glasses) come to life and become a design object. The elements that we use every day with a completely different function are transformed into unique, original and elegant products capable of giving an unexpected vision to the environment. Formal essentiality dominates the SUNGLASS collection. The reflections of the glass animate the lamps, creating a scenographic effect of extreme charm, like when you recognize the rays of the sun among the clouds. You can find and discover our modern Sunglass ceiling lights on

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