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Soluzioni di design: applique da parete

Design solutions: wall sconces

As can easily be understood, today we are talking about wall lights , those lamps which, as the name suggests, are created to be hung on the walls of rooms to illuminate the house in an original and unambiguous way. Whether it's a bedroom, a study or a transit area, wall sconces are real jewels of contemporary and domestic decoration. Whatever your furnishing style, be sure that with wall sconces you will be able to recreate elegant and completely new atmospheres that will make your home even more beautiful. Given the widespread diffusion of these lighting accessories , wall sconces are present on the market in different shapes, materials and models to satisfy every consumer need. Whether they are classic or modern, essential or baroque, wall sconces allow for a very stylish decor , discreet if you want or with a great visual impact. Functional and aesthetic, wall sconces are the ideal solution for those who love to amaze their guests and welcome them in sophisticated and refined environments. Choosing the wall applique that will furnish the rooms of your home is not always simple. First you will have to opt for an applique that represents yourself and your style, after all the house tells a lot about the person who lives there. But that's not all, you need to buy the wall light also based on the rest of the furnishing style chosen for your home in order to give a homogeneous and coherent overview of the entire home. After that, it's up to your needs and the purely functional side. What kind of light does that room need? In fact, there are wall lights that emit a beam of light capable of illuminating the entire room with a very wide beam and that can even replace traditional chandeliers . The other appliques, on the other hand, are characterized by beams of light that go downwards or upwards, or even in both directions, in short, you are spoiled for choice. clusia-olux-rosewood wall light To meet the needs of consumers, Olux Illuminazione has also created the best wall lights for furnishing your home. In our store you will find many offers on wall appliques, you just have to choose the model and color and order them from the comfort of your home. And don't forget that with Olux Lighting the best value for money is guaranteed. Happy shopping!

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