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Square: il meglio delle plafoniere Moderne

Square: the best of Modern ceiling lights

Who thinks that all ceiling lights are the same or similar to each other, you have never known Square , one of our best modern ceiling lights. For sale on Olux Lighting. Square is a modern ceiling lamp designed to furnish the most contemporary living rooms, functionality meets aesthetics, giving life to a product that perfectly blends different materials with the aim of astonishing those who look at this object and recreating suggestive atmospheres. The diffuser is made of fabric, cotton coupled with PVC, while the structure is in steel and is painted white. Thanks to the versatility of the fabric, it is possible to find these modern ceiling lights in different variations, trendy and avant-garde colors chosen with great attention to the latest trends in the design market. With the modern Square ceiling lights , your home will have a completely different look. Let's go back to the materials and structure of Square for a moment. The choice of these materials was also made to allow for perfect maintenance and cleaning, only in this way will you be able to maintain your modern ceiling lamp in an impeccable manner and persevere in the best possible way over time. The lower interlocking closure is designed for quick and easy cleaning of your piece of furniture. The Square collection is made up of modern ceiling lights available in different sizes: 50, 60, 70, 90, 100 and 120 cm. You will find these lighting accessories for sale in our e-shop at a really advantageous price, demonstrating that you can furnish your home with top quality furnishing accessories without spending a fortune. We have been producers and sellers of modern lamps, chandeliers and ceiling lights for years, designed and made in Italy. We support the national market with the creation of products of a very high quality standard while maintaining accessible costs for our customers in order to offer the best quality/price solution. The modern ceiling lights of the Square collection are available on the Olux Illuminazione website at an advantageous price. Choose Square to illuminate all corners of your home in a discreet but stylish way.

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