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lampada da tavolo bianca a forma di uovo

Classic floor, table and floor lamps

Which are the best? There is no "perfect" model among lamps for the home, but there are certainly some tips for those who have to choose the right lamp for every room!

Lamps for interior decoration

When the furniture is complete even with the accessories, from the carpet to the sofa cushions, the lighting will certainly serve to enhance everything.
If you haven't thought about it before, it's good to reflect on this key element of any environment, which can be chosen within a series of lamps to enhance the individual elements .
In some places, in order to have enough light, classic floor lamps , so-called floor lamps, are ideal

If the lights from above, chandeliers or spotlights, can be excellent for cooking and lighting large rooms, floor lamps give selective lighting in some points.
They give warmth to the room and to the chosen corner, and represent a touch of design if they reflect the style of the interior furnishings (or, vice versa, they stand out clearly from the rest!).

Also to illuminate paintings or sculptures , or to give a different light next to a mirror , you can think of a floor lamp that does not interfere with the view but becomes a discreet light source.

The lampshade and table lamps for living rooms and bedrooms

Floor lamps for the living room are generally chosen among the more formal ones, perhaps with a base in porcelain, with crystals or glass.
Compared to the lamps in the bedroom, which are generally more informal, materials that match the furniture in the living room are preferred.

Sometimes they are chosen with metal inserts to give the floor lamps a modern design look, typical of contemporary living rooms .
In corners such as the bookcase or on the table next to the armchair, table lamps can be placed, perfect activities such as reading or to give an intimate atmosphere in a relaxing evening on the sofa. To read comfortably, the lampshade should be at eye level when you're sitting.

While watching TV or handling the smartphone, it may also be useful not to sink into the dark and a corner with a lamp will be an asset.
Typically lamps in a dining room are placed on a sideboard or shelf, but if they are tall and with slim supports they work best on low tables.

Of course, classic table lamps are best suited for traditional style living room furniture, and they also become perfect for the bedroom dresser.

Again, the lamp should follow the design style of the room , taking into account the size of the room.
If the living room is usually larger, too strong a light and a too large lamp can create an intrusive effect.

The correct height of the table lamp depends on the size of the room, the bedside table and the use of the light. It is important to balance the size of the lamp with the decor around it, especially if it is a model enriched with crystals, scrolls or decorations.

Classic floor lamps in contrast to modern design

If in the traditional living room a classic floor lamp is a must, in the eclectic style of many contemporary living rooms, on the other hand, it can make the difference.

A classic floor lamp for the modern home becomes a focal point not only of light, but also of style, when it embellishes the more neutral lines of minimal furnishings - typical of many modern environments.

Most living rooms can accommodate a lamp just under a meter high, which gives a risky light but also a special effect if it is decorated in a classic way.
Colored crystals, wavy shapes, floral or vintage decorations certainly enrich the interior design with a less severe note than the modern living room.
In particular for those who love an eclectic style or with contrasting elements, a floor lamp that stands out is a refined element.

In terms of colors, however, it is good to buy a lamp that matches the tone of the furniture, or creates a contrast without jarring. Colors that don't work with each other, as well as different but similar shapes, should be avoided.

Even in bedrooms, an exaggerated contrast effect could disturb the harmony of an environment dedicated to rest; for this reason, it is preferable to insert a classic lamp in a linear decor, but not too rich if the design is already heterogeneous .

Place the lamps at the right height

In a modern living room these classic inserts can become precious but, it is important, the advice is to keep all the lamps at the same height , so as not to create too "strange" an effect between lights and shapes. If a lamp is too small, you can always put it on some small table or shelf to enhance it.
In the bedroom, on the other hand, no more than two lamps at the same height for the bedside tables are recommended, to avoid too many light points. If the chandelier is missing, then a third floor lamp could be useful!

If for lamps with a contemporary design it is not always necessary to combine them the same, on both sides of a sofa, with the classic ones, the matter changes. In a modern living room, it is good to think of a pair of identical lamps , avoiding too much space in style.

For example, the English-style lamp models such as our England floor lamps , the vintage pleated fabric lampshade is an excellent compromise between the classic and the modern!

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